minibini FAQ

Q: How long does each refill last?

A: 30 days

Q: Where can I buy refills?

A: Right here on or many retailers accross the US.

Q: Will it fall off the bin?

A: The devices are water, heat, solvent and vibration resistant so can live in a wet trash bin.

Q: Does it eliminate odor or cover it up?

A: Think Product Lab who designed and manufactures minibini have a history of producing industrial sanitation devices. The minibini formula attaches to malodour and combats it. The fragrances will not mix with the smell of garbage.

Q: How do I refill it?

A: The minibini device is also removable. 1/2 twist to clean and replace.

Q: How do i clean it?

A: Half twist the minibini device off to release, clean and replace with half a twist back on.

Q: What if it doesn’t work?

A: Of course it works! Over 1 million sold! Make sure the soft side of the refill faces out  for the odor eliminator to activate.

Q: What if you don’t have a trash bin lid?

A: You can stick minibini anywhere. On the inside of the trash can, or on the outside near the top. Just ensure the surface you are going to stick to is clean and dry.

Q: What’s the difference between the minibini and megabini?

A: The indoor minibini is for kitchen, bathroom and household trash cans and is smaller than the outdoor (megabini). The megabini formulation is designed for combatting a larger surface area and is very strong!

Q: Where else can you use the Minibini?

A: Minibini works well with litter boxes, bathrooms, diaper pails.

Q: Do you have data as to whether or not the adherent can withstand some pretty rough treatment?

A:  Megabini uses a 3M industrial adhesive that is so strong it can replace screws, nails, welding etc! We have been testing with garbage trucks for years. Megabini is heat, water, solvent and vibration resistant. The key is to make sure the surface is clean and dry with no residue before attaching megabini. Hold firmly for 20 seconds and it will never come off.